Dry Colours: 14 minimal, boho-organic unglazed bisque hues, resulting in a suede-matt warm finish. New Terracotta has its core in the wide knowledge of colours, always trying to be at the forefront of the various expressions of colour, forging the right balance of pigment, glaze, texture, history, science and emotion together. A deep, rich, curated colour palette, rendered and perfected over the years. Differences between colour, effects, and tones can occur from firing to firing or even within batches. Tiles are handmade, size and shape variation can be expected.

Tile Suitability: Wall / Kitchens / Worktops / Bathrooms / Shower, Saunas, Steam Rooms / Fireplaces / Exterior Facade / Pools, Lakes, Fountains. Usage recommendation must be confirmed by the installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability.

More on colours, glazes, shade variation and use suitability: Glaze Technical Spec

For a complete οverview οf sizes, thickness, as well as their combinations, feel free to consult the catalogue of the series: