I Ching is a designer heated towel rail which stands out for its minimalism and pure shape. The I Ching designer radiator can be installed stand-alone or in multiple compositions, horizontally or vertically, leaving plenty of scope for the designer’s creativity and giving rise to a multitude of composition solutions. Indeed, there are a myriad hues and sizes to choose from and combine together, to create graphic compositions on the wall. Resulting from complex technological research and painstaking care for details, this elegant heating module is free from any visible joints. It is ideal for embellishing the wall of a living room, exactly like a picture, and it is equally attractive for a bathroom setting: towels can be hung up, folded or rolled up and conveniently stored in both the vertical and the horizontal version. The I Ching heated towel rail is made of stainless steel and available in the electric version. It is adjustable via touch controls and can be programmed weekly when accessorised with a wireless thermostat.

Technical Specifications